Yes even Oscar nominees and Victorias Secret models.

What celebrity has the ugliest feet. Many of these celebrities have severe foot problems including nasty Corns painful bunions fungal nail infections jacked up hammer toes. Jun 16 2014 Though theyve got unlimited cash for pedicures some celebrities just have ugly feet. Apr 11 2020 Ugliest Celebrity Feet In Hollywood Scary Hooves of Actors by Zac Efron 1172k Views Katy Perry Clawed the Edge of Her Sandals With Her Toes When you have to spread your toes so that they look like a rake you know you need to.

These celebrities are very beautiful but have weird looking feet ugly toes. Aug 30 2018 Elle Macpherson got slammed on Instagram for having ugly feet as if the rest of her isnt flawless. Apr 01 2017 Academy award winner Julianne Moore still looks quite pretty even at 55.

Some are psychotic or airheaded others have spicy chitlin breath and the rest drag around filthy Fred Flintstone feet. A source told the paper that the actress body never looked better thanks to. More VIEW STORY Trumps Bizarre Comment About Son Barron is Turning Heads Get to know the youngest.

Apr 11 2020 I am tired of showing you the just beautiful feet in HollywoodToday we will see some of the ugliest celebrity feet in Hollywood. Aug 02 2010 Famous Women with Ugly Feet 21 pics Posted in RANDOM 2 Aug 2010 149667 23 Some gorgeous and famous women should pay more attention to their feet. Years of walking in heels being on the road or just straight up lack of upkeep can turn your little toesies from cute to questionable.

Jun 03 2013 Every beautiful woman has a critical flaw that humanizes them. However the one area where she lacks considerably is her feet. Dec 20 2016 Honorable mention goes to Steven Tyler front man of Aerosmith and ex-American Idol judge who gets to represent the men.

Check Out 8 Celebs With Truly Horrible Feet-- Including Paris Hilton Katie Holmes. She has one of the ugliest feet around. His second toe does appear to be much larger than his big toe which is strange.

Here are fifteen stunning celebs with nasty feet. 2 of 11 Malaika Arora Khan. Apr 03 2015 Felicity Jones could have polished her feet before attending this red carpet event.

Not too sure if Melissa Joan Hart has been playing sports or something but those toe nails have been through something. She always rocks the red carpet with fancy designer clothing. Feb 02 2013 Check out these celebrities with veiny crooked and unsightly feet.

Guys in general have ugly feet so this is nothing against Tyler. These 9 stars have also been accused of. Sep 28 2020 365 days ago the Globe stated that Katie Holmes was in anguish over her feet.

Julianne Moore s shoes are cute but those nude toesnot so much. At times these famous beauties seem perfect but their struggly dogs tell a different story.

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