Brittany Murphy Mom And Dad

Her fathers ancestry is Italian and her mother is of Irish and Slovak descent.

Brittany murphy mom and dad. Coroners ruling that she died of natural causes. May 27 2020 When Brittanys biological father Angelo Bertolotti struggled to accept his daughters death and couldnt come to believe that she had died of natural causes he requested her death to be investigated further alleging that Sharon had poisoned their daughter. A few days after threatening to sue Lifetime for planning a movie about the life and death of Brittany Murphy the actresss father Angelo Bertolotti has.

Angelo Bertolottis children Jeff Bertolotti and Pia Jo Reynolds confirmed their father died in California Tuesday nine years after. Mar 19 2021 When news broke of Brittany Murphys tragic end fans were just as surprised as close friends and family who questioned Brittanys reported cause of death. Nov 19 2013 The actress father continues to challenge the LA.

Britanys dad along with other family members and friends believe the actress mother Sharon may have more answers but shes been AWOL for FIVE years now - and one family source says that they fear she may be dead. I have a feeling that there was definitely a murder situation here. Brittany Murphys dad suggested that his daughter was murdered and poisoned on Tuesdays Good.

With her mom Sharon Murphy who raised Brittany on her own after her divorce and whom the actress called the greatest in the whole wide world. Son Jeff Bertolotti and daughter Pia Reynolds confirmed the news on Facebook in separate posts. Aug 07 2020 Murphys mother and father fought over theories about their daughters loss of life Questions continued to come back up through the years and in November 2013 Murphys dad Angelo Bertolotti advised Good Morning America his take.

Not long after her husband Simon Monjacks subsequent death only further fueled the. Watch the video above. May 27 2020 Brittanys father Angelo Bertolotti struggled to accept that his daughter died of natural causes which is why he requested that her death be investigated further.

Mar 24 2021 Brittany Murphys dad Angelo Bertolotti said on his deathbed hed lost hope in solving her mysterious death. Nov 21 2013 Brittanys father Angelo Bertolotti claims his daughter who died aged 32 on December 20 2009 may have died from rat poisoning after demanding independent laboratory tests. A hair sample can be affected by many outside factors.

After her death at 32 the Los Angeles coroner stated she died of pneumonia anemia and drug intoxication but Angelo Bertolotti her dad started a legal fight against the Los Angeles Coroners Court to get her body exhumed and discover the real cause of. Brittany Murphy was born Brittany Anne Bertolotti on November 10 1977 in Atlanta Georgia to Sharon Kathleen Murphy and Angelo Joseph Bertolotti. With her mom Sharon Murphy who raised Brittany on her own after her divorce and whom the actress called the greatest in the whole wide world.

Because the 32-year-old actress appeared to be in good health her sudden cardiac arrest led many to suspect foul play. This report conveniently ignores what any good scientist will tell you. Jun 10 2020 The death of rising Hollywood star Brittany Murphy has long been cause for speculation.

Brittany Murphys Dad Tells GMA Daughter Was Poisoned. He believed Brittany had been poisoned and when he asked that another autopsy be done Brittanys mother Sharon Murphy refused. The 8 Mile and Clueless actress was only 32 when she died in 2009 with the Los Angeles coroner ruling her sudden death was accidental and caused by a combination of pneumonia an iron deficiency and drug intoxication.

Nov 25 2013 RELATED. Jan 24 2019 Brittany Murphys father Angelo Bertolotti passed away on Tuesday at the age of 92. Mar 23 2021 Now HBO Max has announced a new two-part documentary which will explore Brittanys life and death.

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