Posted in January 2018 it has since racked up an impressive 29 million yes MILLION views on YouTube.

Alexis rens abs workout challenge. Do this workout and over 100000 other workouts in Workout Trainer for iOS. Actually I challenge YOU to give it a go for 30 days starting today. I was very skeptical of this and thought it wouldnt change anything about my abs but I.

The first week was quite easy. There are also free workout videos that Alexis Ren has posted on YouTube including her famous ab and butt workouts. The idea behind the 10-minute abs workout.

Sign up for Wearewarriorsco for more videos like this one. Aug 23 2019 Alright so its day seven of doing Alexis Rens ab and beach booty workouts and Its getting a lot easier which means Im getting a lil stronger. If youre here to see if this routine is going to work I think its safe to say its going to burn the next day but if you stay consistent disciplined and follow this for 30 days you will see results.

So I did my workouts and then on top of that I did Alexis Rens. Jul 25 2020 Alexis Ren Workout Routine Ive heard Alexis in interviews speak about the fact that she aims to exercise at least 5 days a week. These are considered circuit training workouts so you get really out of breath when youre doing workouts for 30-60 seconds each right in a row.

Jan 29 2018 Alexis Rens 10-Minute Ab Workout Will Get You The Abs Of Your Dreams Summer cut 2019 on the way. Jun 24 2019 Because I was doing this for 30 days I work out every day so I wasnt going to stop doing my workouts. Do 10 Minutes Butt Workout By Alexis Ren.

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May 22 2020 Alexis Rens 10 MINUTE AB WORKOUT is something of a phenomenon. Hopefully I will get some abs showing up after 30 days. Lifestyle communityit was late when i filmed this so excuse my gigg.

Incredibly that works out to over 34400 views per day as of Sunday 17th March. If you havent been living under a rock then you know that the 21-year-old International model Alexis Ren is known for her insane kick-ass bod and her killer. I tried Alexis Rens ab workout for 2 weeks and it ACTUALLY WORKED.

If you want to do the workouts yourself just follow the links down below. The workouts are the same every day for a week and the next week they switch up. Im excited all ready to see the finals results.

Published January 29 2018. Aug 12 2020 Are You Going To Give Alexis Rens Ab Workouts A Try. Jul 04 2020 Alexis Ren created a paid workout challenge during this time as an accessible option for those seeking to exercise from home.

So let me tell you it was a struggle. Jul 14 2020 This workout challenge has a 28 day workout program live calls with Alexis Ren herself and an amazing group chat with people from all over the world. Jun 17 2020 Alexis Ren is an American Internet celebrity and model who is well-known for her well-defined body shape and of course her abs.

Mar 09 2021 For the month of March the community is taking part in a 30-day fitness challenge which incorporates Alexis 10 years of ballet training. But when I took a closer look at her daily social media feed then I noticed that a day off from training for her. Dec 14 2019 Hello and welcome back Im challenging myself for 30 days straight to do the Alexis Ren ab and but workout.

People always ask me how my body is shaped this way and. Each day there is a 20-30 minute workout full of booty abs legs and yoga.

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