Alexis Ren Ab Workout 2 Weeks

While surfing the all-knowing internet for better ideas I came across Alexis Rens 10-minute ab workout video.

Alexis ren ab workout 2 weeks. Her Twitter Instagram and YouTube feeds are full of updates on her daily routine sans weight training and one of the most popular things she has ever posted is her 10-minute ab workout. I tried Alexis Rens ab workout for 2 weeks and it ACTUALLY WORKED. In this video I wanted to see what would happen if I consistently did Alexis Ren 10-minute butt and ab routine for 2 weeks straight.

Im honestly shook that I was able to lose 6 pounds but Im so happy I stayed as consistent as possible during the whole two. Intrigued I watched it because I will absolutely be the first person to admit that I want to be her. Yes that means every day.

Apr 10 2020 IM BACK WITH ANOTHER CHALLENGE. It just takes too much time out of my day to get a decent workout in. But when I took a closer look at her daily social media feed then I noticed that a day off from training for her.

The workouts are the same every day for a week and the next week they switch up. I did this workout twice every day and also paired it with her. If you dont know Alexis Ren is a.

Each day there is a 20-30 minute workout full of booty abs legs and yoga. Not three days a week not off on weekends EVERY. Mind-Body Connection Ren does hot yoga Bikram and Pilates at least once per week.

I was very skeptical of this and thought it wouldnt change anything about my abs but I. Sooo being in quarantine and having so much free time for myself I decided to try Alexis Rens Ab Workout for 2 weeks with no break. Tried Alexis Rens Ab Workout I Results 2021 I AndreeaG.

With 38 Million views and countless reviews showing amazing results I had to give it a try. May 01 2020 Hi guys in this video I have tried the Alexis Ren Alexis Rens ab workout for two weeks and I am SO SATISFIED with my result. The workout I followed.

The first week was quite easy. Jul 14 2020 This workout challenge has a 28 day workout program live calls with Alexis Ren herself and an amazing group chat with people from all over the world. Feb 10 2021 Luckily I recently stumbled upon Alexis Rens 10-minute ab workout.

For only doing the work. I tried alexis ren s abs workout 30 day ab challenge alexis ren alexis ren workout routine ab workout r 10 Minute Abs Workout Alexis Ren - Abs In Two Weeks I Tried Alexis Ren S Abs Workout Shocking Results You. Although the process was a b.

Jun 3 2020 - I tried Alexis Rens 10 minute ab workout for 2 weeks and these were my results. Jul 25 2020 Alexis Ren Workout Routine Ive heard Alexis in interviews speak about the fact that she aims to exercise at least 5 days a week.

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